SJCAM ZONE App for Android devices is compatible with the following camera models:

SJ4000Wifi, SJ4000+, SJ5000Wifi, SJ5000x Elite, M10Wifi, M10+

If you have access the Android Google Play store on your device, you can simply search for "SJCAMZONE", or follow the link:

If you do not have access to Google Play store you can simply download the app here:

click to download, you will be forwarded to an external site (

or scan the barcode with you smartphone:

The steps to connect the camera to the app are the following:

1. Open the SJCAM Zone APP and register or log in into it.

2. Turn on the camera's WiFi

3. Connect your mobile to the camera's WiFi

4. Reopen the APP

5. Press the "+" button and select Camera.