SJCAM cameras can connect to a mobile phone with Android or IOS systems or a Panel computer via WIFI, the operation steps are as following:

  1. Install SJCAMZONE or SJ5000 PLUS software on a mobile phone or a panel computer (you can search and download on Google Play for android system, or APP Store for IOS system.(Or Find a link here for download)
  2. After power on, press WIFI key on the camera, WIFI icon displays on the screen, SJCAM WIFI displays.
  3. Enable WIFI on a mobile phone or a panel computer and search WIFI account according to the model of the SJCAM camera, then connect it with your device, and the initial password ” 12345678” will display on the screen of your camera..
  4. When WIFI connected, WIFI Connection Ready displays on the screen,
  5. Lastly open the right APP on a mobile phone or a panel computer, images recorded by the camera will be real-time displayed on a mobile phone or a panel computer. You can operate it via related icons related to the software or set function parameters of the camera.