SJCAM has assorted dozens of different editing software, our users can get easy access and multi-channels to download it, and these are either free of charge or extremely affordable.

For Windows Users

  1. Windows Movie Maker:Very simple to use,come in handy(wouldn’t use too much system resource),ultra concise user interface.

Key features:A No-Brainer editing tool,Storyboard,High definition support.

  1. IVSEDITS: It will be a good option for entry-level editors.

Key features:Free of charge,simple user-interface,time-saving,multi-camera editing,various video effect.

  1. Sony Vegas Pro:This would be a fantastic editing software for users who are of high skilled operating,cropping and transition experience.

Key features:very intuitive and productive user interface,stereoscopic 3D editing,Enhanced audio control,support 4k video,etc.

  1. AVS Video Editor: One of the Best editing software for windows /OS with ability to share video directly through platforms like Facebook,Youtube,Flick and MySpace. Key features:Multilingual support,Huge amounts of effect,Non-destructive Editing.

For MAC Users

LIGHTWORKS: A video editing software that can be compatible with Windows,OS and Linus. Key features:Multi-cam editing,dedicated Keyboard,Real-time effect comes in handy.

For IOS Users

iMovie: Being a tool for IOS device,this software is considered as a professional editing expert. Key features:With large amouts of transition collection,Drag-based interface,HD support.

For Linux Users

Cinelerra: Written in C++, It offers powerful features but with simplified and intuitive interface. Key features:Free of charge,High Definition Support,Non-destructive editing