Please find the Firmware file in the attachment

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Follow these steps to install the new firmware V1.0.5:

1. Use the same Class 10 or higher MicroSD card you use in your SJ10 X(U3 recommended):

2. Download the attached file below and extract the contents from the zipped file to your computer.

3. Copy the firmware files to your MicroSD card, and make sure you have at least 50% power on your camera's battery.

4. Insert the card into the camera. 

5. Turn the camera on, and the installation process will begin. 

You don't need to do anything, a message will show next that the camera is checking the firmware files and proceed. 

Once done, the camera will soon restart into the new firmware.

The firmware files will automatically be deleted from the card, and you may use your camera immediately.

You may verify that the new firmware is installed by going to General Settings > Version



For errors/bug-reporting regarding the firmware, please send a detailed message to us by creating a ticket HERE.



1. Update the latest effect



1. After solving the problem of restoring the default settings, choose the car mode as the default boot mode, then turn off, turn on, and switch to the camera mode.

   Display mess problem

2. Remove the volume menu (currently the noise reduction algorithm does not support dynamic volume adjustment)

3. Solve the problem that after the card is full, the video cannot be recorded after the loop recording is turned on

4. Solve the problem of not recording fast when returning from the menu in the camera mode (the time for the return icon to be red is long)

5. Modified translation: image quality changed to image quality, translation of gyroscope menu function description was modified, perspective menu description information was modified, and continuous shooting menu translation was modified

6. Solve the interval recording mode, set the resolution to 1920*1080 30FPS, the actual display at the bottom of the camera is: 1080/P30, the display is wrong

7. In camera mode, enter the playback menu interface, and the battery icon flashes in the upper right corner

8. Solve the related problems caused by the menu disorder in the default boot mode

9. Solve the problem that in car mode, it will automatically start recording when the USB is not plugged in to power on

10. Increase the limit, limit the VGA resolution digital zoom function

11. Add countdown display for interval photos

12. Solve the problem that the cold and warm tones of the color settings in the menu have no function

13. Solve the problem that the ISO information display menu of the system settings can still be selected in the video mode,

14. Solve the problem that the menu FOV can still be selected in the VGA resolution mode, and it should be grayed out

15. Solve the problem that the battery icon does not change when the battery icon is not changed and the screen needs to be manually tapped to display the problem when the camera is turned off, then turned on, and USB

16. Solve the problem that the top row of icons does not display after the code matching is completed in the camera mode

17. Solve the problem that the digital zoom cannot be used in the interval shooting mode

18. Solve the problem that after selecting the bit rate and returning to the preview interface, the remaining recordable time will not be refreshed immediately. You need to switch to taking pictures, and the problem will be refreshed after switching back.

19. Increase the restriction, restrict the zoom function: slow video mode 8x can not zoom, can not zoom during interval shooting



1. Solve the problem that the file size does not change after the bit rate is selected in the video mode

2. Optimize TP, special processing of lower edge data,

3. Add noise denoising algorithm

4. Solve the problem of invalid external MIC insertion

5. Solve some resolutions of 30FPS, there will be a line problem on the left side of the video

6. Solve the problem of video crash after selecting 8x for slow video



1. The default brightness of the LCD screen is improved

2. Increase portrait video mode

3. Zoom in and zoom out to increase digital display

4. Increase the APP online upgrade function



1. Solve the problem of non-car mode, unplug the USB will shut down immediately (non-car mode, should not shut down immediately, in car mode, the shutdown will be delayed for about 10S)

2. Optimize the problem of slow refresh from exiting playback to preview interface

3. Solve the problem of color selection, cold and warm colors are not saved when shutting down

4. Solve the problem that the color in the camera mode will be restored to the default after the shutdown is selected

5. Date label in photo mode, add time option

6. Solve the problem of delay in taking pictures, during the countdown process, you can also operate to switch modes, enter the menu, etc.

7. The indicator light is reset

8. Solve the problem that the function of sliding up, down, left and right is still valid in the interface of selecting to enter the playback mode (should not be valid)

9. Solve the problem that the countdown does not disappear after the other icons on the screen are hidden during the countdown process of the delayed photo.

10. Switch the function of the left and right switch buttons in the playback mode

11. Solve the problem that the font on the preview interface will become smaller after the button drops down quickly after the video is stopped