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Follow these steps to install the firmware V1.1.4:

1. Use the same Class 10 or higher MicroSD card you use in your C100 (U3 recommended):

2. Download the attached file below and extract the contents from the zipped file to your computer.

3. Copy the firmware files to your MicroSD card, and make sure you have at least 50% power on your camera's battery.

4. Insert the card into the camera. 

5. Turn the camera on, and the installation process will begin. 

You don't need to do anything, a message will show next that the camera is checking the firmware files and proceed. 

Once done, the camera will soon restart into the new firmware.

The firmware files will automatically be deleted from the card, and you may use your camera immediately.



For errors/bug-reporting regarding the firmware, please send a detailed message to us by creating a ticket HERE.



1. Solve the problem that when the motion detection is turned on, the camera will still enter the recording mode when the camera is shaken in the playback menu or the scroll down menu page



1. Added motion detection function



1. Solve the problem that the remaining video recording time of the camera remains unchanged after selecting different stream levels and image quality

2. Solve the problem of resolution display in interval recording mode

3. Solve the problem that there is no change in adjusting the viewing angle option under VGA resolution



1. After solving the problem of restoring the default settings, choose the car mode as the default boot mode, then turn off, turn on, and switch to the camera mode.

   Display mess problem

2. Remove the volume menu (currently the noise reduction algorithm does not support dynamic volume adjustment)

3. Solve the problem that after the card is full, the video cannot be recorded after the loop recording is turned on

4. Solve the problem that the top row of icons does not display after the code matching is completed in the camera mode



1. Remove the description of the perspective

2. Solve the problem of not recording fast when returning from the menu in the camera mode (the time for the return icon to be red is long)



1. Increase the viewing angle menu

2. Optimize TP touch effect


1. Add some functions of the remote control



1. The default voice broadcast is off, the default resolution is changed to 1080 60, and the default date tag is off

2. Solve the problem of video crash after selecting 8x for slow video

3. Import the final IQ parameters

4. Solve the problem of VGA240fps video recording crash

5. Restore the screen driver to version V1.0.7

6. Adjust the watermark position to the upper right corner of the display


1. Optimize the effect


1. Solve the problem of no sound when inserting an external MIC

2. Add an optimized sound bottom noise algorithm to make the sound cleaner


1. Increase the voice broadcast menu, increase the voice prompt sound playback

2. Solve the problem of changing from portrait to portrait video

3. Solve the problem of abnormal images after 4K burn-in recording

4. Add online upgrade function on APP

5. Cancel the screen brightness adjustment and change to direct output high to avoid screen current sound

6. Solve the problem that the battery icon in the upper right corner will flash repeatedly after clicking the playback in the photo mode


1. Solve the problem of non-car mode, unplug the USB will shut down immediately (non-car mode, should not shut down immediately, in car mode, the shutdown will be delayed for about 10S)

2. Switch the function of the left and right switching buttons in the playback mode

3. Solve the problem that the function of sliding up and down, left and right is still valid in the interface of choosing to enter the playback mode (should not be valid)

4. Solve the problem that the countdown does not disappear after the other icons on the screen are hidden during the time-lapse photo-taking countdown process.

5. Solve the problem that the font on the preview interface will become smaller after the button drops down quickly after the video is stopped


1. Reduce the anti-shake effect of the 4K 24 gyroscope to prevent abnormal aging

2. Optimize the problem of slow refresh from exiting playback to preview interface

3. Solve the problem of color selection, cold and warm colors are not saved when shutting down

4. Solve the problem that the color in the camera mode will be restored to the default after the shutdown is selected

5. Date label in photo mode, add time option

6. Solve the problem of delay in taking pictures, during the countdown process, you can also operate to switch modes, enter the menu, etc.


1. Solve the problem that the default mode of booting is not saved


1. In the interval photo mode, you can switch the mode during the photo process

2. Solve the display error of the resolution information indicating that the anti-shake is not supported under the gyro anti-shake

3. Play back the video, change to fast backward on the left and fast forward on the right

4. Solve the problem of turning on the gyroscope anti-shake, and then clicking the playback icon, the upper UI will refresh the display irregularly at this time

5. Solve the problem of vertical screen display error

6. Function modification: Long press the left button to switch to flashing light


1. Solve the problem of unstable AE at 60fps resolution

2. Solve the problem that the total time length of the video is not displayed in the upper left corner of the playback video in playback mode

3. Solve the problem that the default mode menu of power-on is set to portrait mode, and it still changes to normal recording mode after power-on

4. Cancel the DZOOM zoom function (because the lens and the screen are on the same side, the zoom has no practical meaning)

5. Interval photo mode, add interval photo countdown display