SJ8 AIR FIRMWARE ver 1.0.3

April 2019

Changelog of newest firmware 1.0.3


1. Fix problem of that remote control cannot shut down Wi-Fi.

2. Fix unstable FPV recording issue.


1. Improve image quality performance including color, brightness and sharpness.

2. Fix system frozing issue under some operation.


1. Improve image quality performance.

2. Fix problem of flickering screen performance.

Download the zipped firmware attachment at the bottom.

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1. Download attached zipped file below, and extract it to a folder on your computer.

2. Copy and paste the firmware file SJ8CAMA.bin to your memory card.
    Best that you format your memory card first.

3. Make sure you have more than 50% power on your battery, then turn your camera on.

4. Your camera will blink slowly several times, then it will blink rapidly. 

    This will take about 2-3 minutes. Once the SJCAM logo appears, the update process is complete.

5. Check that the firmware is updated by going to General Settings> Version.
6. Format the card directly from the camera to remove the installation file (SJ8CAMA.bin).

CAUTION: Formatting your card will delete all its contents. 

If you have files on the card that you have not saved elsewhere, you may use a card reader to manually remove the installation file.

If the firmware installer file is left on the card, your camera will keep installing the firmware each time you power it on.


For error reporting regarding the firmware, you may email