Follow these steps to install the new firmware v1.22:

1. Extract the memory card form your camera.

2. Format the memory card to FAT32 in your computer. NOTE: If the card is nor formatted to FAT32 the update may not happen.

3. Download and extract the contents of the attached file. Then copy the firmware files in your card.
There should be no folders just the firmware files themselves.

4. Insert the card into the camera and connect the card into a power supply. If your battery is fully charged, you don't need to connect it to a power supply.

5. Turn the camera on, and the Installation process will begin. The screen may shut down for a few seconds and the LED lights may blink.

Once done, Format the card, and Skip to number 8.

6. If the installation doesn't proceed when powering the camera on, go to settings and select Version, shown here encircled in red. 

Tap the version number, then the camera will ask you if you want to update the firmware.

7. Tap the Circle option to begin installation. The screen may shut down for a few seconds and the LED lights may blink.

8. Turn the camera on again, navigate to version and see if your camera firmware has updated to the desired version.

IMPORTANT! Delete the firmware update file/s after installing. You can either delete it by formatting the card on the camera, or manually delete the installation file on the card through your computer.

SJ7 Star v1.22 Firmware Changelog

Fix up the problem of not responding to Gimbal control.