SJ8 PRO Firmware ver 1.2.9

November 2018

Download SJ8 PRO firmware ver1.2.9 in the attachment below

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Changelog of newest firmware 1.2.9

1.Optimize the use in conjunction with Gimbal 2
2.Add missing languages such as Hungarian, Polish, etc.

Changelog of newest firmware 1.2.8

1. Synchronize different language version updates

2. Fix known bugs

Changelog of newest firmware 1.2.7

1. Optimize the IQ effect

2. Fix up the problem the videos have no sound after all the mute videos are played, when the mute setting is turned off.

3, Fix up the external microphone no sound problem

4, Fix up the color mode setting problem.

5, Optimize small screen display problem.

Follow these steps to install the new firmware v1.2.9:

1. Use the same MicroSD card you use in your SJ8 PRO

2. Download the attached file below and extract the contents from the zipped file to your computer.

3. Copy the firmware files to your MicroSD card, and make sure you have at least 50% power on your camera's battery.

4. Insert the card into the camera. 

5. Turn the camera on, and the installation process will begin. 

You don't need to do anything, a message will show that the camera is checking the firmware files and proceed. 

Once done, the camera will restart into the new firmware.

The firmware files will automatically be deleted from the card, and you may use your camera immediately.

You may verify that the new firmware is installed by going to General Settings > Version