NOTE: The instructions below may not be for you. It is for those whose SJ8 PRO units are from the first batch. Please choose the standard upgrade procedure whenever possible.


Link to the zipped file needed for this article: SJ8 PRO Upgrage by USB


For this special upgrade, you will need:

• USB-C Cable      

• Ambarella Upgrade Tool (available in the zipped file)

• Firmware File (available in the zipped file)

• Computer


******************* FIRST PART: Tool Installation & Configuration *******************

1. In Windows (Win7 and above), double click the AmbaUSB installer. The installation program is in the Tool folder, and it will be installed to the C drive by default. Please do not change the installation path.

2. Open the now-installed AmbaUsb application and click on the button in the red box below to select the last item in the drop-down list "S5L(H2S/H22)"

3. Click on the button in the red box below and select the “” file found in the separate folder named “PATCH” inside the zipped file.

4.Click the button shown in the red box below.

5. Select “.ELF” in the lower right drop-down list, as shown in the following figure:

6. Then select the "SJ8PRO_USB_FIEMWARE.elf" file from inside the Firmware folder.

The USB Tool configuration is now complete, and the Tool interface should be correctly displayed as follows:

******************* SECOND PART: The Firmware Installation *******************

1. Remove the battery from the camera.
2. Press and HOLD DOWN the shutter button while plugging in the USB cable to the computer.
3. Once the green checkmark appears and it shows "Ready," it indicates that the USB connection is successful. You can let go of the shutter button.

4.Click the BLUE ARROW DOWN button to start the upgrade process.

5. Allow time for the progress bar to get to 100%, then upgrade is complete (Note that you must wait until the progress bar goes to 100%, which may take a few minutes).

6. Disconnect the USB cable and put the battery back in.

7. Power the camera on and verify if the firmware has been installed. On the camera, go to General Settings > Version. It should read ver1.2.4

You have successfully completed your SJ8 Pro upgrade by USB.


Link to the zipped file needed for this article: SJ8 PRO Upgrage by USB