NOTE: This is for use when a hard reset is required on your SJ7 Star.
Please refer to standard SJ7 firmware updating procedures (Click Here) first before doing the steps below.


To update the SJ7 using the Direct-USB, please follow these steps:

1. Install DirectUSB on your computer. Download from HERE

2. Download the .ELF file from here: SJ7 Direct USB Firmware Update (Currently FW ver1.20)

3. Turn off the camera and extract the battery.

4. Press and hold the SETTINGS button, then connect the USB cable to the camera from the computer and then press the Power button.

5. Open the DirectUSB tool.

6. Select a12evk, select the download tab. In Firmware programming press Choose and select the ELF file

7. Press Connect:


8. Press Download

9. Wait for few minutes until the process finishes:


10. Disconnect the USB cable, insert the battery and turn on the camera.

Users with Windows 8 and Windows 10 may have some issues to recognize the device. If DirectUSB doesn’t recognize the camera, follow these steps:

1. Go to Advanced Startup Options
2. Select ‘Restart Now’ in Advanced startup.
3. Select Troubleshoot à Advanced Options à Start-Up Settings à Restart à Disable driver signature.
4. Install the Ambarella driver from the DirectUSB folder. Default folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Ambarella\DirectUSB II\Driver


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