Download the SJGimbal Tool by clicking this link.

Updating firmware version of SJCAM Gimbal

    1. Unzip compressed file to get updating application.

    2. Turn off Gimbal and connect it with PC via USB cable, driver software will be searched and installed automatically for the first time of connection, please wait patiently for about 1 minute.


    3. Choose Serial Port

After installing driver successfully, please choose serial port like COM3.

   4. Click "Connect" and icon will turn to green if connection works.

    5. Press Power button once to enter updating mode. Green indicator twinkles for 3 times and then stays lighting, which means updating mode is activated successfully. If not, please unplug Gimbal and try again.

    6. Choose firmware file: Click Open File and find the firmware bin file.

    7. Click Upload to start updating process. Please do not move  the Gimbal to avoid USB connection failure, the whole updating process takes about 1 minute.

Download the SJGimbal Tool by clicking this link.