The current newest firmware for the M10+ is V2.5, the files can be found below.

Change log in V2.7

Bug corrections.

IMPORTANT! Delete the firmware update file/s after installing. You can either delete it by formatting the card on the camera, or manually delete the installation file on the card through your computer.

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Change log in V2.5
Available to make future firmware updates through the APP.
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Change log in V2.3 :

Increased download speed when WIFI connected

Modify the compatibility with the new APP

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Change log in V2.2:

V2.2, Resolved the issue of photo lapse 2 seconds while it is 1 second 1 frame

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Change log in V2.1:

V2.1 Resolved the issue with the LCD display after rotation


Warning: Once the M10+ firmware has been updated to Version 1.5 or higher, you cannot flash the M10+ to lower firmware versions. If you revert back to an older firmware version (like v1.3 or v1.4) after v1.6 has been installed, you may brick your unit and camera will no longer be functional. 


Before the firmware update, please make sure to use a high quality class 10 memory card, a list of supported cards can be found here:

To upgrade the firmware properly, follow the steps carefully:

Step 1: Please check your current firmware version in the camera settings screen. If your current firmware is v1.5 or lower, please follow start with step 2, if your current firmware is v1.6 or newer, please jump to step 3.

Step 2: Installing Loader Software:

a) Make sure to reformat the MicroSD card. Note: reformatting is a Must.

b) Drag and Drop software “LD96660A.bin” into the root folder of MicroSD card.

c) Insert microSD card into the M10+ unit and power the camera on. Note: makes sure the camera is off when inserting the card. Once the camera is powered on, turn the M10+ off and remove the card.


Step 3: Installing the firmware:

d) Delete software LD96660A.bin from the MicroSD card. Next, copy V2.3 firmware “SJCAMM10.bin” into the root of the microSD. Note: there is no need to root the card again for Step d.

e) Re-insert the MicroSD into the powered off M10+ and power the unit on. It may take 10-15 seconds for the firmware to install. The blue and yellow light will blink until the firmware is installed and then the unit will power on. Check the firmware version to confirm version has successfully been updated then delete file SJCAMM10.bin from card otherwise the firmware will re-install upon re-powering the unit on.

Should you have any questions regarding the firmware update, please submit a ticket or email us at